‘A’ levels results are out! What should you do now?

March 8, 2016

‘A’ levels results were out last friday. Wow! Another year of great results from you students. Great job! But now, you have a really important decision to make. That will be choosing your university course.

Choosing the right university course may in fact be the most important decision you could make in your life. If you decided to take up Accounting in university, you may be doing accounting or auditing for the rest of your life! If you are taking computing, you may be doing IT related work for the rest of your life! Be sure that you really really want and love the university course that you choose!

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I am sorry I have to rant but there’s something which I really discourage students to do. That is choosing the ‘BEST’ available course in the ‘BEST’ university. I know of many students who does this and this includes my circle of friends!

I remembered this incident very clearly… I have a close friend named R. He scored BCD for his H2 subjects ‘A’ levels. His aim was to get into Economics course in NTU but the minimum score for that course was BBB during my time. R was really upset at that time and he told me that he really love Economics and all he want to is to be an Economist. His dreams were crushed. We sat around in Starbucks for hours discussing about this and eventually, he came to the decision of applying to the Economics and Finance course at SIM. You guys must be thinking, That’s great! R got what he wanted, an economics course!

BUT, things didn’t turn out that way. R’s parents were furious. They reprimanded him for not scoring well enough to pursue the Economics course in NTU. They demanded R to select the ‘BEST’ available course in either of our local university (NUS, NTU, SMU). Being forced by circumstances, R enrolled himself into COMPUTER ENGINEERING in NTU. *(REMINDER: R’s dream is to be an economist)

R is a computer engineer now but he isn’t happy. He still tells me till today that he regretted not taking up Economic in SIM during that time. He is now stuck in a job which he doesn’t like at all but he has no choice but to do so as to survive.

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After hearing this story of my close friend R, I hope you will not follow his footsteps. Yes, studying in a local university is glorious. I know your parents, your teachers, your tutors, your friends will be proud of you. However, at the end of the day, if you dislike the course, you will dislike your future job. Follow your dreams and passion guys! Even if you could not make it to the course you want in the local universities, go for it in the private universities. There are SIM, KAPLAN, PSB ACADEMY and many more in Singapore. Your dream course may be out there!

Alright, enough of ranting, let me list down a few key factors which I feel is really important to consider when choosing your university course.

1) Yes, you got it right! Follow your dreams and passion! You Only Live Once (YOLO). Do you want to do what you like? Or do you want to tell people you graduated from the ‘BEST’ course in the ‘BEST’ university but deep down you hate your job? I guess the choice is obvious isn’t it?

2) Is the university near your home? If you are staying in the East and you are applying for a university in the West, you may want to reconsider first. TIME is a scarce resource during university days. Students have to juggle between lectures, tutorials, projects and exams. Some of the students may have to wor part time such as giving tuition to pay for their university fees or to earn their own allowance. (I was one of them). I remembered that during those days, I would be really thankful when I had the luxury to take a 20 minutes power nap
Do not underestimate traveling time! 1 hour of traveling time may mean that you have missed out 1 hour of daily revision time. 2 hours of daily travelling time may mean income lost to the undergraduate tutors as they could have used the 2 hours to provide tuition.
Distance will not be a problem for those staying in the hostel BUT do take note that you will have to ‘earn’ your right to stay in the hostel. By that, I mean you will have to participate in hall activities and all these require TIME.

3) Are you choosing this course and university because of your friends? I know you must be like, WHAT?! Do you think I am going to a primary school? I want to be in the same school and class as my best friend so that I can play with him during recess? Of course that’s not what I meant. However, there are many students out there who are still unsure of what they want to be in the future. Hence, they end up following their friends to the same university course.

This may turn out to be a disaster! You will find that the university modules are boring and dreadful especially if you do not have the interest in that area of specialisation. Your GPA and university life will suffer too.

4) Are you really interested and passionate in the university course you selected? There are a few ways to find out! Ask yourself these questions.

1. Am I willing to work in that particular field for AT LEAST every Monday to Friday, 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week?  Take note that this is the bare minimum as 8am to 5pm is something of the past. It is 8am to 8pm now!

2. Will you still work in that particular field if you know that your salary could be doubled or tripled if you join another field?  Some people are interested in the course because of the potential money they can make and not the joy of working in that field.

3. Do you have any job experience in that field?  It is important to have some job experience or at least know what is required in your field as working and studying are two different things.

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, you may have to reconsider your choice.


As you guys can tell, my advice is to follow your passion and interest. Select the course that you really like. However, I can understand that this may not apply to everyone. Some may be forced by circumstances such as financial problems and hence, they have no choice but to select the course which can earn them the most money. BUT guys don’t give up on your dreams and passion. Even if you couldn’t pursue the course you like in University now, you can always go for a post degree course on it! Our government is providing citizens aged 25 and above with $500 worth of SkillsFuture credit to take courses. Why not take this chance to pursue something we like?

I hope this article helps you guys to decide on your university course! If you find this article, do give me a thumbs up on Facebook and share with your friends!

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Can Kids Drink Coffee?

March 6, 2016

With the popularisation of coffee chains like SBUX (NASDAQ terms for starbucks FYI) , coffee bean and tea leaf &  Costa coffee it would be hard not to pass-by any shopping malls which does not sell coffee. A quick search at Raffles City will prompt you at least 5 coffee houses specialising in coffee. It will not be a surprise when kids from age of 8 to 17 theses days drink coffee at least once a week. But do you know there are problems of kids being frequent drinkers of coffee?
Why it is bad?
Especially in young kids, it doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to produce these effects mentioned below.

1. Causes Cavities.

Coffee is acidic and causes a decrease in thickness of tooth enamel,and a change in texture, shape and appearance of the teeth, which may also cause teeth to become sensitive. Tooth enamel will soften with prolonged contact with acidic foods which might reveal the dentin underneath and will take years to get hardened. Not to mention, coffee also causes yellowing of teeth which in the long run will be hard to get rid of.

2. Irritate stomach

Coffee is acidic and with caffeine will irritate the lining of the stomach.When you drink coffee your stomach produces large amounts of hydrochloric acid (HCl). Too much stomach acid can cause pain that requires medication to inactivate the hydrochloric acid.

Kids with stomach ulcers, gastritis & Crohn’s disease should avoid it completely.

3. Decreases in appetite.

Growing children need more nutrition than adults. As an appetite suppressant, coffee is likely to make children eat less and miss out on essential proteins, nutrients & minerals needed for growth. Especially causes a big loss for magnesium.

4. Calcium loss.

Brittle bones. Coffee is a diuretic and it increases urine production. This in turn causes the loss of calcium from the body, which can lead to bone loss. For every 100 mg of caffeine ingested, 6 mg of calcium is lost. For children, calcium is essential for bone growth and excessive consumption of coffee will impede calcium production.

5. Hyperactivity.

Restlessness will set in once caffeine wears off, reducing focus in children. The right amount of caffeine can help you focus, but too much might make you jittery, anxious, or irritable. There are some studies that states that coffee can help with children who suffer from ADHD. However, the effects vary from person to person and it will cause different effects in certain children.


In conclusion, although i am not a doctor who can give out advice, it will be safer to consume coffee after puberty or 16 years of age when the body’s makeup is more developed.


What you dont know about the games we play since young

July 13, 2015

Gone are the games of yester-years where Nokia was our iphone, Blackberry was our ipad and our bulky computers with ADSL dial-ups were the most expensive “intelligent” item we had. Google wasnt avaliable at that time and all we had were and to answer our question besides the teacher. Any addition time we had after school were spent doing homework and playing games with our friends.

Here are some of the common games played during our past-time and what it will eventually hone a skill/habit would be inherent for being a human.

1) Snakes


Remember the heart-stopping, pulse racing action of the snake? Especially when there is a special prize that is set on timer count down and it is the only way to boost your high score without growing the snake out of proportion? It is especially heart wrenching when we pass the stage to loop back at the edge of the screen and it comes all the way back from the other side. Sometimes you might even crash at the edge of the screen and die(depending on which version you are playing).

Lessons learnt: Ability to learn from mistakes. -Next time we will know after how many normal “meals” the snake had before the bonus will come and we will gear up for it! Also, never over or under estimate yourself as a snake and go all over the place on the screen and then BOOM! the food appears in between the gaps you left unoccupied. Its a small set-back in the game when you are a tiny snake but when you get much longer, it might cost your snake’s life.


2) Bounce


Ahhh bounce! One of the games available when nokia came out with colour phones such as 3100, 3120 …. The ball bounces up with a down button and you are supposed to avoid all these spikes and collect the rings/diamonds.

Lesson learnt: Willingness to make mistakes, Dare to try. – You ought to make a few mistakes before figuring out the rhythm of the spikes or the number of down button presses to bounce the call to a desired height.

3) Space Impact


Space impact is one of the most famous handphone games around. The pixelated 16-bit spaceship and enemies that wont stop coming your way? Give it to me all day! Theres a special correlation between shooting games & destroying aliens that makes it so successful. Simple storyline coupled with simple keys to play. Whats not to like?

Lesson learnt: Strike while the iron is hot – Shooting through the air when the boss has not even arrived? Check. Killing the boss before he moves closer to you the next time again? Check.

4) Bubble Burst


Blue, Red, Green and Cyan. Shoot’ em before the “ceiling” drops. I am sure its a norm to encounter “AGHH” moments when the aim is deflected about 5 degrees and ouch. You missed the shot to clear the big group of colours which will eventually block the subsequent colours behind it. Now i have to risk it or start all over again. Bummer.

Lesson learnt: With no aim, you will get no where – Oh how true is this. No goals, aspiration ot ambition will make you a lost soul. Be it a small goal for maybe the simple person or the big goals for the gigantic dream chaser. Every little bit of light which will help you to built your tarmac road counts.

5) 5 stones


Level one: Throw one stone in the air then pick up 4 on the floor and catch that air-bound one. Easy peasy huh.

Lets see how are you going to throw 2,3,4 in the air and still mange to catch all of them in one hand. Heh heh heh.

Lesson learnt: No short cuts in life, practice makes perfect – Without going through level one, how are you going to level 2? Many seemed to only want the  results in life and want to cut short their road to the location. Some might be successful, but how many of the rest will be? If you have the manual to success via the short cut, call Tuition Oppa and tell us maybe? 😛

6) Hopscotch


I dont know if guys play this, but i come from a girl school and i do. First, take out our wallet and place it on the rectangle with no. 1 on it. Go jump on it following the numerics and NO TOUCHING OF LINE OF THE BOXES! Eventually, maybe boxes 4 & 5 might be filled with wallets so you have to hop from box 3 to 6. Beware of your shaky legs!

Lesson learnt: Its easier to stand on your own two feet. Independence. – Try jumping on your stronger leg from 3 to 6, take your wallet from 8 hop, turn then hop to 3 again. Oh well, you get the gist. Unless you are a bunny, i dont think you enjoy hoping around on one leg . Not only is it energy sapping , you wont know when you might fall when a strong gust of wind blows. Standing on your own two feet is the best.

7) String Games


I bet you dint know players from this finger games or what you call it comes from the indigenous Australians to the Inuit in the Arctic to the Zulu in southern Africa. Maybe you know about the basic shapes like chopstick (Hint: its the one in the first pic, bottom left), star or the toilet bowl? Not only is this game a pass time in primary schools(lower sec) but it is also:

  • A great development tool for a few key cognitive areas that are crucial for your child’s intelligence quotient: patterns and relations, geometry, spatial awareness and problem solving.

Lesson learnt: Thinking on your feet. – What if theres a puzzle you cant solve? or a pattern so puzzling that you have never seen before? Are you going to hit the stop button and proclaimed you have lost? Or try to work with what you have? Will life be easier if it follows a linear line to exactly what you have planned? Yes. But will the odds be always in your favour?


8) Old Maid


There are no rules here. Similiar to happy family, the card game, when any 2 player put down a card with the same picture on it, SCREAM OLD MAID!

Lesson learnt: Discernment. – Know who are the players and shout louder than them. Just kidding.

9) Monopoly Board Game


Had experience of any players who makes a bad banker and steal some money when you are not looking around? Or a good guy grey who lends everybody his jail free card when anyone is thrown in jail? Or simply any person who always want to aim for the dark blue title deed (Mayfair & Broadwalk) to be the richest in the entire game. I always thought the main objective is to out win others by bankrupting them but it is actually like what the name says, to be a monopoly in the whole game. Make all the property yours and make sure you dominate till everyone has to pay you. Sounds like Apple?

Ever wondered how the properties look like in real life? Click here for real life monopoly properties.

Lesson learnt: Own properties and live like kings. I am …. not kidding. That is the moral of the game. I think.

10) Snakes & Ladders


The most common sense of all games. No brains needed. Just a dice, counters and abit of luck.

Lesson learnt: Life has its ups and down. – When you are down, dont worry, you might be on a roll the next time and climb the highest ladder up!

Thats all for this post! Have you have enjoyed it!

Do you have any games that you have played when you were growing up? Tell me what is it and what do you think looking back and in retrospective you have learnt from it? Comment and share below!

With love,

Tuition Oppa number 1


What is Tuition Oppa all about?

April 13, 2015

Hello everyone! 🙂

This is our first post and you might be wondering who are we and why are we so pretentious to call ourselves oppa in singapore? (Read more on about us here)

Well, do a search on the word tuition or #tuition and you will find pages and pages of tuition agencies around Singapore. Duh, we dont call ourselves Tuition Nation for nothing right? But i mean, why so serious Singaporeans? Why must tuition be connoted with stress, learning bounded by mere exams structures under the hawk-eyed monitoring of teachers and parents? Are we able to go through our schooling years without a tutor beside us and can we actually be self-motivated to find other sources of learning?

Through this blog, we will be bringing you interesting(hopefully) and light-hearted content twice every week. Articles will be broken down into bite-sized pieces so you can read it within your 15 minutes of commute to school/work.

Also, let me introduce you to another arm of the family, Tuition Oppa. This is a tuition agency specialising in hiring professionals as tutors. We believe that professionals (eg. Auditors, Engineers etc) have the additional soft skill essential for the sector as well as professional knowledge to teach students the relevant subjects (ie Auditors teaching POA, Engineers teaching math or physics). We believe that this is the next Gen of tuition in Singapore.

Having said that, our site will be totally unbiased from our sister site as we will solely be dishing out content for the public to enjoy. We also hope that in the future, we could tie up with brands like Popular or Skull Candy to provide discounts for our readers. So please keep tuning in to our blog and like our facebook page for more updates!

Signing off,

Oppa Number 1