What is Tuition Oppa all about?

April 13, 2015

Hello everyone! šŸ™‚

This is our first post and you might be wondering who are we and why are we so pretentious to call ourselves oppa in singapore? (Read more on about us here)

Well, do a search on the word tuition or #tuition and you will find pages and pages of tuition agencies around Singapore. Duh, we dont call ourselves Tuition Nation for nothing right? But i mean, why so serious Singaporeans? Why must tuition beĀ connoted with stress, learning bounded by mere exams structures under the hawk-eyed monitoring of teachers and parents? Are we able to go through our schooling years without a tutor beside us and can we actually be self-motivated to find other sources of learning?

Through this blog, we will be bringing you interesting(hopefully) and light-hearted content twice every week. Articles will be broken down into bite-sized pieces so you can read it within your 15 minutes of commute to school/work.

Also, let me introduce you to another arm of the family, Tuition Oppa. This isĀ a tuition agency specialising in hiring professionals as tutors. We believe that professionals (eg. Auditors, Engineers etc) have the additional soft skill essential for the sector as well as professional knowledge to teach students the relevant subjects (ie Auditors teaching POA, Engineers teaching math or physics). We believe that this is the next Gen of tuition in Singapore.

Having said that, our site will be totally unbiased from our sister site as we will solely be dishing out content for the public to enjoy. We also hope that in the future, we could tie up with brands like Popular or Skull Candy to provide discounts for our readers. So please keep tuning in to our blog and like our facebook page for more updates!

Signing off,

Oppa Number 1

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